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In which I talk about my holic OTP - The Butterfly and the Bird

Eh, I keep trying to write a long winded post on how much I love my holic OTP but I always end up tragically hitting the back button or doing something stupid that winds up erasing all my work, so I guess it's better to be brief and just pour my heart out.

I lovelove Yuuko/Watanuki, I wish more people would ship it or at least that it was more respected within the fandom, as it seems many people are quick to shoot it down with "But she is his mother figure!!!!".

I used to, but no longer see DouWata as romantic, but as Watanuki and Doumeki caring deeply and understanding each other as true friends. The pairing fans are both more numerous and more vocal, but i've also seem quite a few shippers for YuuWata.

I dunno, I think it's so very interesting that to Doumeki, Yuuko was always that off-putting, weird figure that seemed to be all Watanuki ever had to talk about, yet he slowly learned to trust her to help his friend (something that took many years for either of them to admit), and now he can't bring himself to make Watanuki lose something that is so important to him.

In the end, I think CLAMP's works are always about love. It's not like a pairing being weird to the reader's eye or unconventional (for any, and I do mean any, societal convention) has ever stopped them, so I don't know why so many people resist so much to recognizing YuuWata as a ship. I guess time will clear it up, but regardless, I'll always love their dynamic most. 

The thing that sells it to me is how fond they are of each other, how it stems from little things. One of my favorite parallels is when Sakura in Tsubasa is telling Tomoyo what The Dimension Witch is like; "She is an adult and a really beautiful person". And then we have Watanuki in a true emotional rollercoster throught the series, going from "She is a charlatan that tricks people with her poisonous fangs" to "She drinks a lot! She's selfish! She's lazy! She has no shame! But...I'm glad I met her." and the final pang "In this world, I lived out the time of my life that I was happiest. When I still didn't know what exactly what I was. And most importantly...Yuuko-san, It was...when you were around."

Sure, I'm not Ohkawa to put a final world on what Watanuki and Yuuko's relationship is supposed to be for sure. Her story telling style is "Look at it and tell me what you think", after all. Well, my gut feeling has always told me there was more than met the eye. Rou and Rei gone by (the latter almost, but will be quite soon), I'll say, damn, he loves her more than anything and I'm dying to know what she would think of it without the shackles of a foretold role she would have to play that made her basically secretly distance herself from others because she knew had to be gone when the time came.

I love them together for who they are, I am dead certain Watanuki loves Yuuko far more than a teacher or motherly figure specially in retrospect, now that he knows much more than he used to and looks back. His telling Shaoran that he seriously had to resist throwing everything up to the air and being with Yuuko and how he'd like to do so while regaining his current memories (Hint hint - which I strongly believe not only to be his new knowledge, but also his feelings for Yuuko that matured and changed over her absence).

I'm dying to see Watanuki and Yuuko together again, if only being an oddball duo in that one shop that helps out the CLAMPverse children in need.  It's all I want, and I hope from the bottom of my heart that it can happen somehow.

I rarely ever see people talking about this pairing, and when I do I feel really really happy, so I hope someone that ships it comes across this post too :') We can cry over it together, comrade.

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