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 It's been a while!

The reason I'm to vent about CLAMP and get away from my everyday vet school stress, of course. Damn, don't go into vet school unless you're absolutely sure you'll love it. Serious advice, graduating is tenfold worse than getting in. Time goes by in a flash whenever I'm working at the clinic though, the fluff balls sure keep you about fall apart once you get home though, it's super draining! But I can't think of myself doing anything else besides something language related or cinema and art of animation, really...Maybe I'll go for one of those when my old bones can't take holding up Boxers, smelling chicken cadavers  and trying to put IV's on crazy cats anymore.


HOLiC Rei is absolute madness right now. Ohkawa, why do you toy with me so. Apparently we get to see Yuuko choking (Totally-Not) Zashiki Warashi...calm down Queen, no need to fight over the shopkeeper, you have absolutely no competition lol But really, the whole thing reeks of some higher up trying to lure Watanuki. I'm curious whether his better judgment as an "adult"  will let him see through that, or if Yuuko's image will be enough to throw him for a loop...

I'm super nostalgic for CLAMP stuff lately, I'd been away for awhile because I was mad CCS was turning out to feel like a cash-grab while HOLiC got delayed for months, but I'm glad both series seem to be going somewhere now.  Aaah, I wish I could write drabbles or something...I can get away with my ESL for posts, conversations and such but I don't think my writing has a flow as good as a native's...though I've never written much in portuguese either. Maybe I should read actual books more. I'd been craving for a re-read of Howl's Moving Castle, maybe I should go for it. (YEAH RIGHT WHAT ABOUT THAT SURGERY EXAM COMING UP -sigh-).

I wanna ramble about HOLiC shipping but that probably begs for another post...

Oh, I somehow got involved with Kuzu no Honkai. The animation is great, I've binge-read the manga too. Downside is that I don't really have a favorite character, but the storytelling is really good and the anime's soundtrack is expected of Lerche.