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I don't like how cuts work in DW and always end up accidentally deleting my crap, so I'll just post it normally. Lotsa spoilers for xxxHOLiC Rei and TWC!

Anyway, I gotta jot down my thoughts for the latest chapters/the series in general if only to keep myself from going insane since rei 47 has been on hold since...December...
IMHO, TWC is doing a nice job at being as maddening as TRC and proof that we can never expect fluffly family happiness from anything that outright involves the multiverse. Yes, I do mean that in a good way.
What bugs me right now is that TRC was, plot and earthling logic aside, fairly wrapped up. In a way it ended the same as CCS, "Sakura" stays and "Shaoran" has to leave because of plot!!!1! but they promise to reunite someday. Save for the liiiittle detail that story wasn't on the legendary CLAMP shelf of happiness and fluff where the holy triad of Wish-Kobato-CCS rest, thus there was no magic reunion two pages later with hugs, tears and happiness. So if it's even being serialized again, clearly the only possible reason is to set stage for HOLiC Rei.
Watanuki seeing a Yuuko-ish figure in a dream while Shaoran gets repeatedly kicked in the gut by being basically forced to kill his own father of sorts doesn't bode well, and CLAMP seems to be having a hard time dealing with whatever that is supposed to imply for holic's story, if the repeated delays of rei 47 are any indication.
I can't even attempt to guess what 47 will be like given we are never told enough info to go by, but TWC has been fairly direct at establishing what the overreaching theme probably is....
  • The dead can't be brought to life unless you are Sakura or Kobato because God luvs u and screw the rules I'm the boss in the literal sense, as in, no -resurrection- allowed, but one can reincarnate the same "essence"
  • A person reborn is a different person because they will never get to repeat the same things they did in their past lives ( which was discussed at length in Kobato via Kohaku - that he chose to stay by Shuichiro's reincarnations sides not because he expects them to be the same person he was, but because they all had the ~something~ that had him falling in love)
  • Watanuki admits a reincarnated person is not the same, but he hopes they can continue old vows. And that the dream Yuuko he met wasn't "the one he met", but if he could he would stay by her side. HMMMM.
  • If Nirai Kanai has an utaki, and the excuse for Clone!Shaoran not being able to be revived by it is because he was not from that world could it be there are...more utakis? As in, each world has something similar to a..."dead people land" coexisting with that dimension? Meaning, Yuuko would be somewhere "waiting" to reincarnate...? And then again, we are not told where she is actually from since she was introduced as a "dimension leaping" witch, therefore depending on how monstrously lazy Ohkawa decides do be, she could actually get away with bringing her back this time
If this really is setting...anything all, I can only see it as "Reincarnation for dummies". I don't know if it's a good thing, but I'll stick around to see it anyway. What's for sure is that rei won't resume any sooner than tsubasa. Let's just pray for poor Jr. for now.