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I only seem to either ship pairings on the absolute extreme of the espectrum of "Universally agreed to be the fandom's OTP" or "Utterly forgotten ship"...

Yuri on Ice was the best time I've had in recent years in terms of shipping, Victuuri is massively popular and I have a blast digging fanart from twitter everyday. Komahina in DR also is very much popular and I had no trouble feeding my needs.

But Watayuu....I swear....

Sometimes I wonder if my perspective is that skewed. I've tried, really, seeing it through the platonic lens but I absolutely can't. I wonder if perhaps the Mature woman x younger man combo is what turns most people away from it, seeing it's a type of shipping that doesn't have many popular representatives...? I mean, if Victor was a woman for instance. Would Victuuri be as popular? I feel like I've seem this happen in other fandoms also. Ships like Neuro/Yako have a great fan following, but compared to it Watayuu really is like the outcast of protagonist ships.

It's an after-effect of DouWata's popularity of course, and they still get teased from time to time, but hmmm. Well. DouWataYuu is my favorite OT3, so it has the potential to be win-win for me. Eh, at least for Tsubasa I'm happy with Kurofai (and TWC gave us such great moments too). Sure DouWata feels like a classic CLAMP pairing, but then again, so do Yuuko and Watanuki...

I hold on to the hope that Ohkawa doesn't really care about fan preferrence and tells her stories however she wants to no matter what (Remember the old Eriol/Kaho x Eriol/Tomoyo days? ha), so I guess if Yuuwata has any sort of potential it has a chance. Being canon doesn't matter to me, really, but if it does turn out they mean for them to have the whole soulmate romance jazz I'll get to see more of them, that's all lol.

Today all my hard work studying for obstetrics and the following de-stressing session was worth it because I found out the collab with Suga Shikao and HOLiC wasn't just the 2:30 long music's actually 4 min long and animates the entire chapter. I WAS SO DAMN HAPPY U GUYS

The spanish translation and video is here. They're so amazing, I had to embarass myself on the youtube video to say my thanks.

sure I might interpret it my way and have lots of bias, but whoa doesn't that video feel like Suga Shikao ships it too. C'mere comrade.

I'd give CLAMP all my moneys to see how Rou!Watanuki would interact with Yuuko now. Nowadays the status-quo thing from their relationship would go out of the window, Watanuki is far from the clueless boy he used to would that change their relationship? Would Yuuko actually bicker more with him, since he'd actually have ways of disagreeing with her or attempt to cut her shares of alcohol? Waaaa.......give me all them domestic magical badass wizard couple scenarios CLAMP, plz! How cute would it be to have people walk into the shop and Yuuko being like "Surely you were brought here by Hitsuzen...but I'm retired lol my husband will grant your wish~~!"

Clow and Yuuko seemed to have an interesting dynamic, going from the Mokona=Modoki no Bouken book, but I can't bring myself to ship it over Watanuki and feels more alien, especially since Watanuki is so dear to me as character. Too bad, since there's actually was a decent amount of fic for them back in the day. I'm open to the Watanuki as an alternate Clow or something theory, though...CLAMP sure is pushing it by having Watanuki being called "uncute" by everyone and also the "smile at insults to make them madder" attitude...
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